Temporal Spaces is an interactive and immersive installation driven by the movement of audience participants. The project invovles several layers of motion-capture, reactive sound generation, AI and visual projections.

Presence is an immersive interactive installation that incorporates the audience as substance. Through presence, body and gesture, the audience, scrutinized by the system, influences the content of the performance in real time. This experimental project explores a new kind of performance format, combining audience participation and co-creation with artificial intelligence.

In Sleep Dancing II : The Open Palm, the concept is brought into a public frame, where sleep becomes a collective act, and the performance facilitates sharing of space and time through rest. This project is not only builds on the unique aesthetics of the original, but expands the concept into an atmospheric experience where performers, motion capture and music create a unique environment of relaxation over hours, culminating in the audience spending the night into the performance.

The first edition of Sleepdancing is a fusion of choreography and digital art made for introspective relaxation. Follow the digital dream of lunar goddesses as they echo one another in an oneiric mixture of intimacy and abstraction, guiding a delicate balance of dance and design.

Paean is an audiovisual performance which leads the spectators to be part of an immersive experience which aims to invoke the Brussels Senne. Dived inside the hall’s underground, Paean intends to bring out this buried river during major constructions 150 years ago by appealing to his substance through the re-emergence of continuous sonic flux.

With this project’s session we wanted to explore within Granada the generation of patterns.
Inspired by the city with its islamic arts influences, we worked on the deconstruction of the logic present within the ornaments to create systems based on it.

Frages is a project in which we are deeply involved, it consists of free research dedicated to graphical exploration with the implementation of new working practice. The project aims to promote generatif and more generally the code practice as a visual creation process.

Seen is an interactive audiovisual installation produced in collaboration with immersivelab during a residency at the Hek.

Théâtre numérique is a project where the participants create by their touch and their gestures a digital show combining shadow theater and digital creation. The idea is to put at their disposal a visual and sound instrument in the form of an open cabin in which they can experiment and appropriate the generation of sounds and images.

Real Virtuality is a virtual reality experience approaching the theme of the representation of the reality through technology.

Primitiv form consists of an interactive installation that allows the viewer to physically invest a digital piece. In reaction to the movement of the spectator, the three forms that compose this triptych are stretched, twisted to their point of rupture which causes their metamorphosis.

Interactive, 360 ​​° video mapping showed during the oppening of Video Mapping Festival 2019 of Lille in the courtyard  old Stock Exchange.

In collaboration with the Motion Bank, we have launched projects based on the dancers of the Dance Company Tanzmainz during the repetitions of a choreography by Taneli Törmä.

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